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Cup Your World

World Cup is here but do you Cup Your World?


Every four years the world comes together to witness the greatest sports show on earth...World Cup.

However, as a guy, Cupping Your World, once a month is the best defense you have in preventing testicular cancer from taking your life.

Please join us in our Cup Your World Pledge.

At the end of the World Cup the country with the most pledges will be deemed the Cup Your World Champion.

I pledge to Cup My World by doing a monthly self-testicular exam [or reminding a guy in my life to do one], from now until World Cup 2018 and notifying a doctor if I notice any lumps, bumps or changes. I realize that self-exams are the best defense I have against testicular cancer because it is highly treatable when caught and treated early. I will also do my best to make other men aware of the need to do testicular self exams monthly.

Pledge to Cup Your World

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By taking the Cup My World Pledge you will be added to the Cup Your World email list. Don't worry, we won't be blowing up your inbox. It is just the easiest way to tally the results. We may send you a reminder about the pledge or let you know if there is something awesome going on for testicular cancer in your country but this isn't our regular newsletter list.

We realize that there is a bit of faking in football. You know, players rolling on the ground in fake agony after a light tackle. However, faking self-exams won't do you any good. If you're not sure how to do one then take a minute to learn how to do a self testicular exam.
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