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Testicular Cancer is No joke

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

Testicular Cancer Awareness month tcisnojoke tc is no joke poster


The reality that testicular cancer is still taking the lives of young men is No Joke.

However, humor is often used to help raise awareness because it is an effective tool at reaching the young men at highest risk for the disease. We think that humor, in good taste, is essential in raising awareness.

Please join us in April by using the hashtag #TCisNoJoke to raise awareness for testicular cancer.

There is irony in the hashtag so please feel free to be humorous or serious but join us in raising awareness for the leading cause of cancer in guys age 15-35, although it can occur at any age, by using the hashtag this April.

#TCisNoJoke Video NonContest

We can't use the word contest as we don't want to have to pay lawyers to draft 3 pages of rules.

However, if you create Vine or Instagram videos and share them on Facebook or Twitter with the #TCisNoJoke hashtag and we really like your video then we may just send you something you'll like. The videos can be funny or not but themed to raise awareness for testicular cancer.

It is free to Like Us and Follow Us so join us in raising awareness for testicular cancer.

Please Donate Button In 2013, 22% of the guys contacting us for testicular cancer support needed some kind of financial assistance.

It breaks our heart every time we have to explain that we do not have the financial capacity to provide direct support and we end up having to refer them to other organizations. Unfortunately, despite other national campaigns, these other organizations rarely have funds dedicated specifically for guys with testicular cancer and their needs are unmet.

As the program develops more details will follow but we are determined to set up an emergency grant program to help meet these guy's needs. These one-time grants will be used to help with things like transportation costs, daily living expenses such as rent/electric bills and to ensure access to care, such as sperm banking. However, the capacity limiting factor is, of course, funding.

All donations received in April will be used directly to fund this emergency support grant program.

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