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Testicular Cancer is No joke

 April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month 




The reality that Testicular Cancer is still taking the lives of young men is No Joke.

However, humor is often used to help raise awareness because it is an effective tool at reaching the young men at highest risk for the disease. We think that humor, in good taste, is essential in raising awareness.

Please join us in April by using the hashtag #TCisNoJoke to raise awareness for testicular cancer.

There is irony in the hashtag so please feel free to be humorous or serious but join us in raising awareness for the leading cause of cancer in guys age 15-35, although it can occur at any age, by using the hashtag this April.


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Donate to the Testicular Cancer Society   Testicular Cancer Awareness Profile Pictures

To update your profile pic simply click the link, right click and save the image.

Then it can be posted to Instgram and uploaded as your profile pic on Facebook and Twitter.  


One in 5 guys contacting us for testicular cancer support need some kind of financial assistance. 

All donations received via the above link in April will be used to directly fund our Emergency Support Grants program. These grants are used to resolve critical access to care issues for guys diagnosed with testicular cancer and help assure they have timely access to care. 


Our Emergency Support Grants have been used to help pay health insurance premiums, car payments, car insurance, gas money and sperm banking fees for men having financial difficulties after their diagnosis. While these grants can't solve all of the individual's financial needs they help assure guys have access to care to get them through treatments. Please contact us if you would like more information about our Emergency Support Grants.


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Join us in using #TCisNoJoke for Testicular Cancer Awareness Month via @TCSociety


One in 20 guys diagnosed die from #TesticularCancer Still think it's funny? #TCisNoJoke via @TCSociety


Testicular Self-Exams give a whole new meaning to pinch and roll. #TCisNoJoke Learn how to check yourself at


Did you know Ophelia is the Goddess of Testicular Cancer? #TCisNoJoke #tscsm #testicularcancer via @TCSociety


Cancer isn't embarrassed to go down there, so why should you be? Check Your Balls #TCisNoJoke via @TCSociety


Testicular Cancer Survivors are the Reason Most Sports Only Require One Ball. #TCisNoJoke via @TCSociety


Early detection & treatment means Testicular Cancer is almost 100% curable. Self-Exams = Early Detection #TCisNoJoke


Don't Take a Chance, Check in Your Pants!!! #TCisNoJoke via @TCSociety


Grab Your Spectacles and Check Your Testicles. #TCisNoJoke via @TCSociety


Every hour some guy will hear, "You Have Testicular Cancer" Let's Hope he caught it early. #TCisNoJoke via @TCSociety


Testicular Cancer is Nuttin' to Laugh About. #TCisNoJoke via @TCSociety


Testicular Cancer in the leading cause of cancer in guys age 15-35 but it can occur at any age. #TCisNoJoke via @TCSociety


Most Testicular Cancer Survivors are One Nut Short of a Full Sack but some others are Flatbaggers #TCisNoJoke via @TCSociety


We can check your balls for #testicularcancer but using our free app at is less awkward. #TCisNoJoke via @TCSociety



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