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A Message from the Founder

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My name is Mike Craycraft and I am a testicular cancer survivor, pharmacist and founder of the Testicular Cancer Society.

When I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in June 2006, I was shocked to find that there were not many resources available for young men when it came to testicular cancer. As a pharmacist and now a survivor, I felt that I had the unique ability to help make that change. I spent a tremendous amount of time contacting as many other testicular cancer survivors as I could in order to see what their needs were during their ordeal and then formed the Testicular Cancer Society to help meet those needs for the young men facing testicular cancer in the future.

My dream is to make the world of testicular cancer and young adult cancer in general a better place than it was when I entered it. Your support and donations mean a tremendous amount to me and with your help we will directly affect thousands of other young men.

I believe that testicular cancer survivors are one of the best resources that we have in helping pave the road for future young men battling the disease and I welcome your input/suggestions to help make the Testicular Cancer Society more successful and meaningful. Please feel free to contact me at anytime.

I hope that you can join us on our journey of changing the future when it comes to testicular cancer and thank you so much for your support.


P.S. I hope other young men don't make the same mistakes I made during my battle with testicular cancer. I waited over 7 months from when I first felt a lump in my left testicle until I went to the doctor. During that time I convinced myself that I was going to die from metastatic testicular cancer when in fact the diagnosis was just the beginning of a new appreciation of life.

You can read more about my story on Voices of Survivors, mAss Kickers and it was featured as a chapter in the book by Darren Neuberger Let's Talk About It: Inspiring Stories From Young Adult Cancer Survivors

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