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Corporate Supporters

The following companies provide inkind or discounted services to help us in our day to day activities. We can't thank them enough for their generous support and the integral role they play in helping us accomplish our mission.

/_uploaded_files/nexgen-logo.pngNexGen Consultants is the only Authorized partner in Ohio. They specialize in SaaS consulting, configuration, implementation, and training with a specific focus on driving User Adoption of the application. NexGen is committed to helping their clients increase profitability through the effective use of They work with all size clients (from 10 person companies to Fortune 500) and focus on the Financial Services, Healthcare and Manufacturing Industries.

TechGro is a small business development company that helps clients grow their business today with the technology of tomorrow. TechGro provides web, branding and print solutions and also offers customized solutions for clients. TechGro digs deeper into their clients’ potential by offering the freshest services that establish a consistent branding message. By getting to know their clients and committing to a long-term relationship, TechGro is able to save their clients time and money on a large range of service offerings.

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