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iCancerHealth App

iCancerHealth App


 The Testicular Cancer Society has partnered with Medocity to bring all testicular cancer patients access to iCancerHealth, a free and easy to use, mobile and web-based platform for helping manage your cancer care.


What Does iCancerHealth Do?


Track and report your symptoms/side effects

Manage your medications

Monitor and track your nutritional intake, weight and temperature.

Record your overall health changes and thoughts

Involve your caretaker(s)

Reach out and connect with other cancer patients

Keep track of appointments and other medically relevant information

Access the latest resources from the Testicular Cancer Society and more...


How to Get iCancerHealth?


Download the "iCancerHealth" app from iTunes or Google Play & create a login & use the affiliation code: TCSOCIETY (case sensitive).


Create a profile online and then download the "iCancerHealth" app and sign in.



Watch this video to learn more about iCancerHealth.


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