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Testicular Cancer Society In The News

What is being said and covered about the Testicular Cancer Society in the news and other media? Check out the links below.

February 2014 Channel 7 in Denver mentions the TCS's latest survey in their report on Chase Tyree, the young man diagnosed after reading a Reddit post.

June 2013 - WCPO Channel 9 coverage of our founder, Mike Craycraft's, 7th Cancerversary 7 Summit Expedition to Mt. Kilimanjaro.

April 2013 - Coverage of the Signs, Sympoms and Self-Awareness of Testicular Cancer lecture at Trinity College

January 2013 - Mike Craycraft gives his opinion in Everyday Health's Lance Armstrong: A Flawed Champion to Cancer Survivors

January 2013 - Lexington Cancer Foundation covers their grant to the TCS for the Mountain Survivors Radio Show.

December 2012 - Founder Mike Craycraft is interviewed on the Mountain Survivors Radio Show on WMMT 88.7FM.

September 2012 - Mike Craycraft is interviewed for California Watch's Marijuana Use in Teens Linked to Higher Risk of Testicular Cancer.

December 2011 - Ball Call for Kids Event - FOX 19, UC Baseball Participates in Ball Call for Kids

November 2011 - KXII provides indepth coverage of A Mother's Plea and the relationship between Rhonda Kohles, a mother who lost her son Robert Jones, to testicular cancer and founder Mike Craycraft.

November 2011 - KTEN interviews Mike Craycraft at the Robert D. Jones Foundation FFATC benefit in Deison, Texas.

November 2011 - T-Sirts Raise Awareness, Eyebrows by The Signal, student publication of the University of Houston-Clear Lake.

August 2011 - Founder Mike Craycraft's Talking Balls, Testicular Cancer radio interview with Sloanie & Tracy on 700WLW

July 2011 - Author Sam Neace announces that he is donating 16% of his profits from his new book Sugarland Melting to the Testicular Cancer Society

June 2011 - Founder Mike Craycraft has a guest post about the Testicular Cancer Society's partnership with Skate4Cancer's Check Your Balls Campaign

April 2011 - Oncology Times published comments from founder Mike Craycraft about the USPSTF Reaffirmation of Recommendation Againist Screening for Testicular Cancer The letter was also published in the April 2011 Oncology Times journal

November 2010 - GiveForward Now Partnered With The Testicular Cancer Society

November 2009 - Let's Talk About It radio interview with founder Mike Craycraft, hosted by Darren Neuberger

November 2009 - Testicular Cancer Society founder Mike Craycraft was intereviewed on KISS 107FM in Cincinnati to discuss Movember.

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