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Cause Partners

Testicular cancer Cause Partners are companies and brands who are committed in supporting our mission by donating a portion of their sales to the Testicular Cancer Society.


In order to protect consumers, each Cause Partner has agreed to clearly state the exact portion of their sales that are being donated, the duration of the campaign and any guaranteed minmum or maximum contribution limits, if applicable.


Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a Cause Partner or have any questions about our current partnerships.




Blue Balls Gear Logo



Blue Balls Gear's philosophy is to provide messaged clothing, apparel and accessories that appeals to a wide customer base where our products reflect identity, interest, and style of life and living for social interaction. Blue Balls Gear donates $1 from each shirt sold to help support our mission.







Grab Life Logo


Grab Life™ lifestyle apparel brand who believes that one should pursue their passion and GRAB LIFE NOW! Having personally been affected by testicular cancer and while understanding the importance of testicular cancer research, they focus on providing some help to people who are fighting cancer NOW and increasing the awareness of testicular cancer. Grab Life is donating 10% of their sales to the help support our mission and encourages further support via their Grab Life Campaign.





I Support Balls




I Support Balls™ sells boxer briefs with a logo to help remind guys of the imporance of doing testicular self-exams. They are dedicated to raising awareness for testicular cancer, helping support our mission and donating 10% of their net proceeds to the Testicular Cancer Society.





Naughty Cookie Box Logo



The Naughty Cookie Box provides a great way to incorporate a little playfulness into traditional bachelorette parties, birthday gifts, “Adult” Get-Togethers and Celebratory Wishes. Capture priceless reactions of your friends and family before devouring the incriminating evidence!! As the very naughty sister company to Sweet Sanctions, LLC we continue to pride ourselves in sharing upscale adult confections at their freshest and look forward to creating a mischievous twist to your occasion.  The Naughty Cookie Box donates 10% of their sales to support our mission. 

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