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/_uploaded_files/greatnonprofits_testicular_cancer_society.pngWe have the pleasure of meeting incredible young men and their caregivers during and after their ordeal with testicular cancer. Below are some testimonials that represent a few of those interactions. You can read more on the Testicular Cancer Society's GreatNonprofits page.

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"As I pondered my diagnosis of testicular cancer in June 2013 I had a lot of questions. This was the first site I went to for further information. That 'OMG why me' feeling went to 'hey it might not be that bad after all.' Thank you for that."

"Once I was diagnosed, this group reached out and called me at home. Great support and information. Met many great people and survivors. Helped me get back on track and get me back to a good frame of mind. Met many great guys that have helped me through some tough times. Encouraged me to reach out in my home state to others."

"I am a testicle cancer fighter. And this organization has helped me greatly in so many ways. They've helped me to know what questions to ask at doctor visits. To understand the information I've been given from the medical staff. Helped me get testosterone replacement therapy. Such a great tool for cancer patients."

I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer in June of 2013. Needless to say I was terrified. The first website I visited for information was their well written and useful "Just Diagnosed Now What" page...The info this group provides by raising awareness saves lives. I'm happy I found them during a scary and dark time." -Ray

"I am the mother of a 30yr old son who is dying of a recurrence of Testicular Cancer. My son was first diagnosed at 19 and had over 8 years of being cancer free until his Cancer returned. I find that the Testicular Cancer Society is a great resource for patients and caregivers. People need to know that while there have been great strides made, Testicular Cancer is still taking the lives of men. I especially am grateful for the information that you offer and frequently go to your site to see what new information you have."

"My husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer on 8/8/13 after he was kicked by a friend as a joke and it felt weird. On 8/13/13 he had surgery that removed the left testicle and tumor. On 8/30/13 we found out it spread to the lymph nodes behind the abdomen and he started advanced 9 weeks of chemo on 9/9/13. Since chemo, he has spent 1 week in a hospital because his white cell count dropped to 1. He also lost all of his hair and most of his muscle(which is what i think bothers him the most). I came on this website looking for help and advice for my husband and for me, as a caregiver. This website has helped us understand so much about this disease and we are actually having our 14yr old son do self exams as a precaution."

"This fine group of individuals have helped my cousin and her son live through their horrific bout with Testicular Cancer. It is with the help of these volunteers and staff members that not only did they give advise and support to the cancer victim, but they were also standing by the family as well."

"My husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer in January. Our lives were turned upside down. We didn't have insurance and the doctors were refusing to see my husband because we had no insurance. We couldn't even find out the pathology of his cancer until the doctors office approved our visit. We contacted the Testicular Cancer Society and Mike Craycraft emailed us personally and offered so much information, was a voice of reason in midst of the storm because he had walked the same road, and was so personable, caring, and empathetic through it all. Mike even offered to contact the doctors to advocate for us for care. I emailed the pathology report and Mike was so helpful to explain so many things that when we finally did meet with the doctor we felt informed, armed with pertinent questions, and able to take charge of my husband's health in a positive manner. TCS and Mike are a life line in the midst of a difficult storm. Praising God for both!"

"To all the young guys, don't be shy to talk to your parents about your intimate parts. I know it is awkward but they are the ones always helping you. When I took that step to talk to my mom about my testicles hurting badly I was very scared of what she was going to say and the words couldn't even come out of my mouth, but I did it! Her reaction was amazing and since the moment that I told her that she didn't leave me alone. We started asking for professional help and I had my check out done and thank god everything came out good and the symptoms didn't get worse. Also thanks to Mike Craycraft for influencing me to take that huge step of talking to my parents. If you all need some advice or help on where you can get help ask him, he’s a great person and a good friend. So my message to all you young guys is talk to your parents about what's going on because how can you expect help if you don't ask for it. PLEASE take testicular cancer seriously and if you notice something wrong with your testicles ask for professional help but before anything else tell you parents first."
- William Monroy, 15 years old

"First of all, I would like to thank you for your response to my fiancee, it was really unexpected and it really made her feel good to know that there are others out there that care without even knowing a person just because of a disease that they have shared which in return kind of makes them like a family or care network! She has a really big heart and I don't know what I would do without her." - Phillip


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